Global Budgets: Saving Money and Increasing Simplicity

January 14, 2019

Dr. Phil Verhoef, my episode 4 guest, gives listeners a compelling explanation as to why global budgets are the best way to fund Medicare for All.

Dr. Verhoef’s commitment to making sure that patients get the care they need while saving money makes this is an episode worth hearing.



The Manual

January 1, 2019

My episode 3 guest is Dr. Nicte Mejia, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and an assistant professor at Harvard.

Dr. Mejia makes interesting and important points. Among them are that Medicare for All should include long-term care, and that even doctors can struggle with an insurance company when a family member has a problem.

Listening to her experiences as a dedicated and compassionate physician will make you wonder why the United States tolerates a health care system that makes it so hard for patients to get the care they need.


The Five Es

December 6, 2018

In episode 2, my guest Dr. Richard Bruno explores the dire consequences of the current health care system in the United States based on his experiences as a physician and a person. 

Dr. Bruno makes it clear that people suffer under the current health care system in the U.S. and how Medicare for All would end that suffering. His passion and clarity make this an episode that should not be missed.  




Medicare For All, An Overview

November 13, 2018

Episode 1 gives an overview of Medicare for All. My guest, Dr. Ed Weisbart explains what Medicare for All is, and how it will benefit people, physicians, businesses, and the nation. Dr. Weisbart’s clear explanation make Medicare for All easy to understand.