Medicare For All Explained

Puerto Rico’s History of Single-Payer

September 1, 2022

This is episode 84, "Puerto Rico’s History of Single-Payer."

My guest, Carlo Bosques, is a medical student in Puerto Rico. 

He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and did his undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in molecular and cellular biology. While at Johns Hopkins, he served as a volunteer at a clinic that served undocumented patients. That experience helped him to realize how inseparable health and policy were. 

While pursuing his medical degree in Puerto Rico, Mr Bosques leads a group of medical students in Project Arbona (Proyecto Arbona), that supports establishing a universal healthcare system in Puerto Rico. Mr. Bosques describes how Puerto Rico did have a single-payer healthcare system, which is an often forgotten part of its history that is rarely mentioned in the United States.

Do not miss this episode as Mr. Bosques discusses Puerto Rico’s former universal healthcare system, and how it was more effective than Puerto Rico’s current privatized healthcare system.

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