Medicare For All Explained

The Economics of Health Care, Part 2: The Solution - Medicare for All

March 31, 2019

Episode 9, “The Economics of Health Care - Part 2,” explains how a single-payer Medicare for All system would make health care affordable and available to everyone.

My guest is Gerald Friedman, professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Professor Friedman obtained his PhD in 1986 from Harvard University, and has published numerous books, papers, and articles. He has been researching the economics of health care for 15 years. Professor Friedman rejoins us in Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed why our current health care system is not affordable. In Part 2, Professor Friedman explains how Medicare for All would make health care affordable, provide more comprehensive coverage, and allow anyone to get the medical care they need without having to worry about cost.

Do not miss this episode as it explains how Medicare for All would relieve the financial stress of our current health care system and help individuals, businesses and the country.

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